All I want for Christmas… [eng]

First, press play

A timeless bop. Best Christmas song 1

I love lists, I love gifts, I love Christmas… If you personally know me (and have some money to spare), if you like nice things, if you need bibliographic advices, if you want to broad your horizons or if, like me, you’re used to virtual window shopping, treat yourself thanks to this list based on the taanu topics.

Under each gallery, you can find links to help those interesting and beautiful things find their way to me and to you 😉

Cultures noires (black cultures)

Decolonize the culture. Pay respect to the Ancestors.

1. Because myths are doors to some universal truths I like to explore.

2. Because Nina Simone. Because black women.

3. Because I’m a caribbean bad gyal at heart and a 90’s biche forever.

4. Because I’m Congolese 🤷🏽‍♀️

5. Because I stan Mami Wata and this is how she dresses.

Arts et littérature (i think it’s transparent)

Feed your mind, feed your soul. Feast for your eyes, balm to your ears.

1. Because I’m Congolese, bis 🇨🇬

2. Because I’m decolonizing my library. Because Pan-Africanism.

3. Because I need to show off my faves

4. Because our hair is magical and his eyes were respectful.

5. Because classic shit: disponible à la Librairie du Monde Entier à Strasbourg

Idées et société (social and personal thougts)

Unbreak the cycle of oppressions. Build your freedom.

1. Because we need to abolish capitalism since it’s one of the roots of Western evil

2. Because we really need to abolish capitalism even when / especially cause I partake in it ✔︎ (merci F)

3. Because we need to let them know

4. Because we will never forget…

5. Because being a black woman is political: this book seems to be out of print so I would be equally grateful to receive a copy of Le Triangle et l’hexagone by Maboulo Soumahoro

Carpe diem

Live your life beautifully , Live your life luxuriously.

1. Because the masks are on. The Fenty Beauty « Purple Stuff » Flypencil ✔︎ will be a good dupe, if you can’t find this one.

2. Because my skin despises winter and because grown people care about their skin. ✔︎

3. Because I love green stones. Emerald, malachite, jade: give it to mama!

4. Because love « pricks like a thorn » and a rose « by any other name would smell as sweet »

5. Because, « I’m still cold even in my home ». I may feel better in a navy, a black or a « cuir de vache » teddy coat 😊

Portraits (profiles)

Find your muses. Choose your mentors.

1. Because who doesn’t want a bootylicious life?

2. Because we need to learn how to tell our stories

3. Because we need to remember those stories

4. Because we have to use every opportunities we have to create / to organize a platform

5. Because my world needs beauty and fierceness

Bonus (taanu mayaka)

How to make a house a home, or something like that but prettier 🤎

Before we part ways

Knowing that the absence of most of these things on Christmas morning will break my heart…

We miss uncle George… Best Christmas song 2

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