My corny valentine [eng]

Long story short, on Monday I wrote love “poems” out of boredom. They’re more like short narratives. In fact, for someone who doesn’t truly believe in this four letters word, I think a lot about it: I’m trying, perhaps, to decipher the hype.

However, the more I stare at them, the more corny and pompous they feel… But those two things may be a part of my persona! So here are some depressing and cliché and not so serious exercises in style.

Now, let’s cut that “prefacey” thing cause we all know it’s a charade to protect my ego from the inevitable (imaginary) snarky comments coming from the few people who’ll read this.

Lost Love

Between our silent gaze and silly laughs Lay the unspoken words

Afraid to bear the truth and its waves
We live off those elusive moments

Trying coyly to forgive our timorousness
We pretend to smile at what we lost

You and I
We both know

The making of love

Your body and mine
Entwined, heated, athirst
Our skins magnetically attracted

Rhum ginger and pine
Exhilarating our needs and lust
While birthing the fantasies we

Sweating and heavy breathing
We succumbed to the making of love
Your body and mine, entwined, heated, content.

Blissful love

Raindrops through the window pane
Sunbeams on my pearly skin
Whistling wind in the foliage
Kisses on my crown, balm for my pain
This is how your love feels

Longing for love

deeper and deeper


longer and longer


higher and higher


further and further


stronger and stronger



Longing for you

Bonus: my current favorite love songs

Shay feat Niska “liquide”

Alex Da Kid feat. Jorja Smith, H.E.R. and Rapsody “Go 2.0”

Skip Marley, H.E.R. “Slow Down”

Max Jury “You do something to me”

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